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The MOTAN M-140 R7 fat tire step-thru integrated wheel folding electric bike is merely wonderful. It’s an excellent choice for you who wants an electric bike that is portable, affordable, and powerful enough to handle a wide range of use. The collapsible top tube, folding frame, and pedal make it portable easily and quickly fold down to store in your car, under your desk at work, or anywhere you will use it. Seamlessly connect from car to the woods or park, from home to the metro and toward the office. 

M-140 R7 (Folding)

SKU: 0021
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    A thick tube Technology applied to this folding bike meaning the frame is strong and stable enough to hit the trail. The bike features a low step-through frame design for easy to mounting and dismounting, made it more challenging for some riders, including women, the elderly, physically limited riders or those who may experience issues with balance, to suit a wider range of riders. It can carry a load of 280lb quite easily. 



    The E-bike is featuring a sturdy integrated wheel that offers strong support in hard terrain, reducing front wind resistance when riding in the windy road. In addition, the compact integrated wheel gives a beautiful looking. 



    MOTAN M-140 R7 comes with a high-speed rear hub brushless motor rated at 750 Watts. Whether you are seeking to travel across sand, through snow, uphill, downhill or just along with a straight, flat road, this M-140 R7 electric bike is up for the challenge. You don't need to worry about your bike breaking down on hard terrain. This piece of carefully conceived technological ascension will leave you baffled. 



    The bike is equipped with a high capacity of 16Ah lithium battery and its life will never disappoint you. As a single charge in a span of 6-7 hours can last for distances up to 55-65 miles using the level one pedal assist, charging time depends on the current status of the battery. 



    This bike is equipped with front suspension, while the pull brakes slow down, it will feel quite interesting. Regardless of snow, beach, gravel, muddy paths or snowy hills, this bike will take you everywhere effortlessly. It increases your excellent feels of comfort during the journey.

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