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E-bikes San Juan is a family-owned business that rised from the pandemic in 2020. We are the first bike shop in Puerto Rico to offer nothing less than premium brands of pedal-assisted bicycles for rent and sale. 


With our new San Juan headquarters, we aim to provide the market with outstanding customer service, a great selection of E-bikes, and a place where you can come in, talk-shop, and test ride our top models. 


We are committed to providing you with a wide range of high-quality E-bike options and innovative technology while maintaining environmentally friendly practices. We believe life’s better on two wheels and we want to bring you an overall great riding experience that will undoubtedly set us aside from the competition.


Our company culture revolves around promoting a fun and active lifestyle by offering the best possible value on new and innovative technology that will place cycling within everyone’s reach. If you’d like to connect with the road and feel that breeze on your face, join the E-bikes San Juan community and ride with us. 


We are proud to serve the cyclist community of Puerto Rico. 

man riding bike with backpack
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