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Combined with a 1970's retro impressive-look and step-thru frame, the M-66 R7 is the most distinctive e-bike on the market. Strong, solid, practical. The bike is everything YOU thought it would be. You can ride the bike as a commuter to work daily, cruising through the city, uphill, conquer the uneven road, beach, snow, etc. Pedal-assist or just cruise using juice, it's up to you.

M-66 R7

Excluding Tax
  • 16Ah Panasonic Battery

    Rechargeable and removable 16Ah long-lasting Panasonic lithium battery will give you enough juice to go long distances. 48V*16Ah Lithium Battery Panasonic Cells, Charging Time 6-7 Hours Rated For 800 Charge Cycles


    750w Powerful Motor
    Bafang 750 watts brushless DC hub motor that excellent behave in power, easily surmount hard and uneven terrain. 

    Adjustable U Style Curved Handlebar 
    An adjustable stem allows you to adjust to the right angle for a comfortable upright position, adjustable handlebar angle and height.

    Banana Seat
    A long padded seat gives you plenty of room to move around to find your most comfortable riding position, allows you to carry two.

    Integrated Headlight
    Powered using the main battery pack and controlled by the display.

    Steel Rear Footpegs
    Comes with foldable passenger footpegs, a breeze for riding two people 

    Shimano 7-Speed Freewheel
    A wider range of gearing at your disposal means more torque for treacherous uphill climbs and maintain pedal authority at top speed.

    Front Foot Platform
    A small platform pedal that offers you multiple uses such as a moped, placing a box package, using as a footboard, or whatever you can think of.

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