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Route 1

In this section we'll show you different bike routes cyclists like to take around San Juan. If you're unsure of where to take your e-bike adventure, these maps are a great place to get started. This first map is a bike route we've pieced together ourselves. It starts at  our establishment in Condado, and it takes you through Old San Juan. This route has a lot of different hangout spots you can find in Old San Juan, including food and drink, sightseeing, and beaches. It ends taking you back to our establishment in Condado. It's takes about 3 hours.

Route 2

This route starts from our establishment to Condado Beach, over the "Dos Hermanos" Bridge and into Escambrón Beach. After that you go down to "La Placita" in condado by taking the road next to Condado Lagoon. Finally you can ride back to our establishment to leave your bike. This route takes about 1 hour. 

Route 3

This third starts off at our establishment just like the other two and takes you to Escambron Beach, but after that you'll ride to the Capitol and San Cristobal Castle. At this point you would be deep in Old San Juan so you could stop by all of the different shops, restaurants, and hangout spots  to find there or even take pictures of the landmarks. Afterwards you can make your way to La Placita in Condado by taking the road next to the lagoon. And finally you can ride up to our establishment to return your bike. This route takes about 2 hours.  

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